Discover Venice

Would you like to get to know Venice in just one day? Here’s what we recommend:

Piazza San Marco

Defined by many as “the most beautiful drawing room in the world”, it is surrounded by palaces and continuous porticos under which coffee and shops are filled daily. Trapezoidal in shape, some of the most important and well-known buildings in the city overlook it.

Basilica di San Marco

Te main religious monument of the city, a masterpiece of Romanesque-Byzantine architecture. The brining to life of the meeting of two cultures, Western and Eastern, to symbolize the role played in ancient times by the Serenissima. The continuous alternation of Romanesque and oriental motifs in decorations, mosaics, marbles, columns and in the famous golden altar, make of the basilica a sublime work.

Campanile della basilica di San Marco

It stands approximately 96.8 meteres high. Rebuilt after its collapse in 1902, the new bell tower was inaugurated on April 5, 1912, on the occasion of the feast of San Marco.

Palazzo Ducale

Built next to the basilica, it was the residence of the Doge of Venice. Since 1996, the building is in effect part of the Venetian Civic Museums system. Today, with its elegance and magnificence, Palazzo Ducale reminds everyone of the important political role played by the glorious Republic of Venice.

The Rialto bridge

Located in the heart of the city, it was built to cross the Canale Grande, and is one of the most famous architectural symbols of Venice.

Dell’Accademia Bridge

Dell’Accademia bridge is the first southern of the four Venice bridges that cross the Grand Canal. It connects San Vidalall’ex Church of Santa Maria della Carit.

Murano and Burano

Murano one of the many islands of the Venice lagoon. One of the closest and therefore more easily accessible, internationally known as the glass island, it offers, to the attentive visitor, a demonstration of millennial glass working and those who wish to learn more can book a visit to the furnace.

Burano is unique: not very crowded, the houses are colourful and it is impossible not to smile after a walk through its streets. Burano is also the home of Lace. With its colourful houses in bright colors, blue, yellow, orange, red, they are a real treat for the eyes and for cameras.

The Rialto market

To fully understand the Venetian culture you need a walk through the Rialto Market. This market has existed for about a thousand years, and since the foundation of the city, here they have sold fruits and vegetables, but especially the ubiquitous fish. It is a real delight to wander through its colourful stalls, to discover typical products, such as castraure, bruscandolii and sparesee.