The history of Jesolo is summarized in the names that the location has had over the ages: Equilium, Jesolo, Cavazuccherina and finally again Jesolo . The current territory was a lagoon in ancient times, within which the largest island was conquered and called “Equilium”, land of horses, by the Romans.
After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the inhabitants of Oderzo, in order to to defend themselves from the barbarians, took refuge in Eraclea and on the island of Equilio which they then called Jesolo.
Later it became part of maritime Venice, an entity that later gave rise to the Republic of Venice. At the end of 1500, an important river diversion intervention was carried out on the Piave and Sile rivers, with a canal that was built by the engineer Zucharin, who gave the town a new name, Cavazuccherina.
This name remained throughout the Napoleonic invasion and the Austrians, until 1930, when the Kingdom of Italy gave it the name of Jesolo.
In the thirties there was a “rediscovery” of Jesolo: in fact, the first establishments for the heliotherapeutic treatments were born, along with the first hotels and restaurants.