Bicycle excursions

Whichever form of cycling you prefer (mountain biking, free-riding, cycle-tourism or racing bikes), we can advise you on the most beautiful trails and the most exciting tours on the Adriatic coast, from Lignano to Caorle, from Eraclea to Cavallino, from Jesolo to beautiful Venice.

Enjoyable bicycle excursions await you, during which you can discover traditions, the most welcoming refreshment stops, legendary places in the Adriatic region and the Venetian beaches.
Furthermore, we can offer you suggestions and recommendations that can’t be found on any map!! We await you for exciting excursions.

6 trails, more than 150km of cycling slopes, 1000 things to discover: welcome to Jesolo Ambient Bike.
Jesolo is a people-orientated city and exploring it by bicycle is, today, even more exciting, thanks to the network of cycle paths that guide the tourist for more than 150km in the discovery of the environment and its characteristics. Furthermore, cycling does not cause pollution and contributes to making Jesolo even more liveable and even cleaner. A way of discovering and rediscovering the city, with new, safe paths to explore every day. What could be better than a relaxing and healthy bike ride?

ORANGE TRAIL (Land and water)

  • Trail: Jesolo Lido, Palazzo del Turismo, Piazza Brescia
  • Difficulty: challenging along the river bank
  • Length: 23.6km
  • Requirements: MBT
  • Recommended time: spring or summer afternoons

The borders of the municipality of Jesolo are largely determined by the two rivers: the Sile and the Piave. The route follows both river banks of the river Sile and is totally unpaved. If you follow the left-hand side of the river bank you pass by the Golf Club, at the height of Piazza Mazzini, and, further along, the famous race-horse ranches. Travelling along the right-hand side, you will feel as though you are between a river and a lagoon. The landscape is enchanting, maybe the most classic of the natural trails in Jesolo.

PINK TRAIL (Piave river bank)

  • Trail: Cortellazzo
  • Difficulty: challenging along the unpaved river bank
  • Length: 24.4km
  • Requirements: MBT
  • Recommended time: spring or summer afternoons

It departs from Cortellazzo, also known as the village of fishermen around the mouth of the Piave. From here, the river returns along its left-hand bank, with an unpaved path that is shaded and fresh even during the hottest summer days, until it arrives at the north-eastern limits of Jesolo, an area that is still predominantly agricultural and preserves precious testimonies. A very characteristic and tranquil trail, among orchards, vineyards and open horizons.

GREEN TRAIL (Venetian lagoon)

  • Trail: Jesolo town, Piazza 1° Maggio
  • Difficulty: medium-easy
  • Length: 29km
  • Route variation: 7.8km
  • Requirements: MBT or city bike with robust tyres
  • Recommended time: spring or sunset

This trail is the most panoramic of all, where nature prevails over all. Via Drago Jesolo leads us to the Torre Caligo area, where the unpaved trail begin, which loses itself within the Venetian lagoon. Many animal and plant species can be observed and photographed until Lio Maggiore. The trail procedes along the twists and turns of the Sile river. You will encounter many pubs during the excursion, which are excellent for recharging your batteries and sampling local products (wines and cured meats). In the Santa Maria di Piave area there is a variation of 8km that links the green trail to the pink trail (for those who desire a slightly more challenging trip).

BLUE TRAIL (The countryside)

  • Trail: Jesolo town, Piazza 1° Maggio
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Length: 15km
  • Route variation: 3.4km
  • Requirements: any bike is sufficient
  • Recommended time: spring or summer afternoons

It is a route that takes advantage of a long cycle trail, from the centre of Jesolo to Ca’Formera, before then entering the vast expanses of countryside to the north-east of Jesolo. A perfect route for those who prefer to take things gently and spend a couple of tranquil and relaxing hours. For those who prefer a challenge, there is a variation that links with the pink route.

RED ROUTE (Bonifica)

  • Trail: Jesolo Lido, Palazzo del Turismo, Piazza Brescia
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Length: 21.4km
  • Requirements: City Bike or MBT
  • Recommended time: spring or summer mornings

Departing from Brescia, the route follows a wooded cycle route until the centre of Jesolo. From here, it twists through tranquil and panoramic areas, along asphalt streets that lose themselves in small urban quarters. Green is the dominant colour, especially along the Cigno Biano street, the area with walls of art. Discover this area as you immerse yourself in the alleys of Villaggio Pineta, encountering houses with frescos. The red route connects with the blue route in the centre of Jesolo and with the pink route in Cortellazzo.


  • Trail: Jesolo Lido, Palazzo del Turismo, Piazza Brescia
  • Difficulty: very easy
  • Length 27km
  • Requirements: any bike is sufficient
  • Recommended time: mornings or evenings during summer

The route, set entirely within the city, allows you to gain a comprehensive image of the whole of Jesolo. From the lighthouse to Piazza Manzoni, passing through Piazza Marina (Acqualandia), Piazza Aurora (amphitheatre), the centrally-positioned and cultured Piazza Brescia (Palazzo del Turismo, the location of all major demonstrations) to reach the tranquil Piazza Marconi, with its musical evenings and cultural gatherings. Then, you continue to Cortellazzo, crossing the pine forest at the last stretch. A trail suitable for planning shopping and evenings experiencing the new urban developments of the city, but not advisable on Saturdays and Sundays due to traffic. The yellow route links to the orange route in Piazza Nember.