Who we are

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Who we are

For more than 40 years, the Borin Family have worked in the hotel industry with efficiency and professionalism. Our goal is to make your holiday a “lifelong memory” not to be forgotten!

In the lobby waiting for you to check-in you will find Roberta, Giulia, Cahntal and Alessandro , who will give you all the information about our Hotel, Jesolo, events and trendy clubs.

Mr. Lucio will help you to park , after which you can rest in your rooms which have been previously prepared and checked by our maids, Giada, Cristina Maria and our housekeeper Edy.

Waiting for you in the restaurant, you will find Ilaria, Rocco and Simona who will pamper you and allow you to sample the tasty dishes prepared by our chef Vito.

At the bar Catiane and Antonello will spoil you with their cocktails … and a few merengue dance steps!

At night , after you have “lived” Jesolo and its nightclubs, the porter Paolo awaits you .. with a cappuccino … ready to start again ??


The hotel was built in 1966 with the original name of “Neviri Stockholm”, given by the union of the names Nevio and Iris who, particularly fond of Sweden, after a stay in the capital, wanted to bring home “a memory” of their unforgettable holiday.

It then passed to the Borin Family in the ’70s, and over the years has benefited from numerous renovations that have allowed the structure to always remain up to date with the times.